Friday, October 30, 2015

Works of Art

Task A: Look at the picture, and describe what you see: what are the men doing?. Visit the Cork Museum link: There's a very interesting exhibition about local painters.

   A Graffitti Art Project
    Task B: Watch this video about a Graffiti Art Project called
    'City Lights' in Melbourne (Australia). Write an essay, explaining
    what a graffiti is, where can we see them, and how do you like

    Task C: Choose one of the 10-Top pictures to
    make an interesting description.

     D: Australian Body-Art Festival

          (1st-2nd century BC)

 * Choose one of these writing options A, B, C, D or E to talk  
  about about an artistic representation:

   1. Describe the work.
   2. Say where can you find/see it.
   3. Say how do you like it and why.