Friday, December 18, 2015

    Reading Project: English Literature Workshop


     1. Storytelling
        Google: 'Storybird'. Make a summary of the story.
     2. A Biography
        Google: 'Animoto'. Illustrate the author's life/books.
     3. Post your tasks on your Blog.

      The best stories ever told!

In the late 18th century the French start rethinking what a hero is - they come to the conclusion that kings and soldiers are not their heroes anymore, but people like writers, artists or scientists, who make interesting contributions to society.

* Considering this idea, think about these questions:

1. When did Arthur Conan Doyle publish The Lost World?
2. Is Edward Malone a hero? Why?
3. Is Professor Challenger a hero? Why?

4. What does it mean to become a hero in the digital era? Read the Forbes text to answer.

Forbes Magazine:

Jurassic Parc
A film by Steven Spielberg
An adaptation for the big screen from: