Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Oral Project

      Travelling Europe: Quizz 

Imagine you are going to travel somewhere in Europe 
with one of your classmates. 

1. Decide what EU country you are visiting.
2. Then, check if you need the passport or the ID card to visit this            country. Check this link:  Travelling in Europe
3. Watch these videos: get ideas on how to  pack for your trip.                 4. Now record your own video: How to pack!
5. Post it on your blog!

1. Packing Essentials!                2. Packing advice!             
3.Travelling...                              4. My hand luggage!     
5. Travelling Light!                     6. Packing as a Digital Nomad!
7. Nomad Guys!                          8. Travelling together!